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History Edit

Robbie Baldwin, under the codename Speedball, was a part of the New Warriors TV show.  He is mentioned early in the game in the New Warriors promotional sound clip.  The New Warriors found a group of villains in Stanford, Connecticut and attacked them.  During the fight, Nitro used his power to blow up the surrounding neighborhood.  Speedball only survived because of his powers.  He was detained at Riker's Island, where he made a deal with the government: he would register and work for them in return for his freedom.  As his powers only now worked while he was in pain, he ordered a new suit that had 612 internal spikes designed to keep him in constant pain.  These spikes were symbolic of all who died in the explosion in Stanford.  He was then stationed to guard the negative zone portal at Riker's Island.  When Cap's team busts through the prison, he is left to guard the portal while Iron Man and the other Pro-Reg heroes fight Cap.  Nick Fury's team then fights him.  Although he is defeated, he realizes that the other heroes are only fighting each other, not villains, and he joins sides with Fury.  He then helps the team rescue heroes in the negative zone, and later helps defend wakanda and fight the nanites.


Powers Edit

Hyperkinetic Shockwaves